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21st Sep 11:59 AM Karl Tallawah: TALLAWAH TIME early today midday start yo check it REGGAE SKA ROCKSTEADY & a LIKKLE REGGAE VIBEZ

21st Sep 09:32 PM aundy: love songs till midnight....boooom...

25th Sep 04:29 PM TheSick IpUnjab: nugga

25th Sep 04:32 PM Ashes Holland: Classic.

25th Sep 04:35 PM 88Dame: Keep it comin my homie! Always got massive love fo u my bru

25th Sep 04:37 PM Ashes Holland: 80's ting

25th Sep 04:39 PM Ashes Holland: dope mix

25th Sep 04:39 PM Ashes Holland: nasty claps

25th Sep 04:47 PM Ashes Holland: oooooooosh

25th Sep 05:12 PM Ashes Holland: Dude love these selections.

25th Sep 08:27 PM old surfer: oh yes a real DJ scratch and swear! proof your live and not stuck in a disc player good on ya

25th Sep 08:32 PM 3040: Wanket

25th Sep 08:34 PM Te opun rode: cheers for your ears old surfer

25th Sep 08:34 PM Te opun rode: hey 30

25th Sep 08:35 PM Te opun rode: hope you like your tune

25th Sep 08:37 PM 3040: its one of my favs

25th Sep 08:38 PM 3040: nailed it

25th Sep 08:38 PM Te opun rode: good tune

25th Sep 08:39 PM 3040: scrotum

25th Sep 08:40 PM 3040: yessssssss love that tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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