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18th Nov 10:05 PM hollywood: hollywood back in da buildin'! right on!

18th Nov 11:20 PM Sugar: Hollywooooooooood!

18th Nov 11:23 PM h0llyw00d: WHOS UR DADDY NOW?

18th Nov 11:48 PM Sugar : You're my Uncle Daddy!

18th Nov 11:56 PM h0llyw00d: DAMN STRAIGHT!

18th Nov 11:57 PM h0llyw00d: I'm out Ya'll . peace!

19th Nov 08:46 PM lady la hood: Got offered the job. Start Jan 12th

19th Nov 08:54 PM Refraction: Si u told me, have u accepted it?

19th Nov 09:03 PM lady la hood: told u I was contender. si, have accepted, ref's and police chk pending...

19th Nov 10:32 PM Refraction: Boom nice 1, we went down power grid outage jst back on line now, whole block black out! Mysterious.,

20th Nov 08:38 PM 3040: you used to be able to buy peanut butter and choclate and peanut butter and jam

20th Nov 08:38 PM 3040: eta made it

20th Nov 08:39 PM 3040: peanut butter and vegemite is nice as

20th Nov 08:55 PM Fisters Union: lel

20th Nov 08:57 PM Fisters Union: Ur an fagets

20th Nov 09:04 PM japan: fak up

20th Nov 09:06 PM japan: rim

20th Nov 09:06 PM japan: off the rim

21st Nov 10:20 PM djskarob: Reggae on KFM...Rewind up now... Always good to hav u wit us

22nd Nov 02:26 PM Flonseen: really disliked radio, until i found ur show ..lavit

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