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23rd Oct 10:53 PM S: Can you play crossroads?

23rd Oct 11:10 PM Sober Simon: Yes. Yes I can.

23rd Oct 11:12 PM S: W

23rd Oct 11:12 PM S: What abi

23rd Oct 11:14 PM S: BB king and bobbie bland live at the coconut grove

23rd Oct 11:20 PM Sober Simon: I'll see what I can do - think I have something tucked away.

28th Oct 10:23 PM hollywood: In the building!

28th Oct 10:54 PM Sugar: Party just arrived!!!

28th Oct 10:57 PM Sugar: Request pleeeeeease! "Need Your Love So Bad" - (very early) Fleetwood Mac xo

28th Oct 11:24 PM hollywood: hey sugar bear!\

28th Oct 11:24 PM hollywood: miss u

28th Oct 11:25 PM hollywood: gonna play your tune next ..but the original by little willie john..

28th Oct 11:25 PM hollywood: what u wearing/

28th Oct 11:28 PM Sugar: Not much!!!!

28th Oct 11:29 PM Sugar: Spank you very much for my song!

28th Oct 11:44 PM hollywood: ur smeelcum!\

30th Oct 09:32 PM Borgsy: EW GAY!

31st Oct 04:05 PM Fedoreo: Very fine, m'lady.

31st Oct 04:11 PM Oregano: Fuck off

31st Oct 04:16 PM jdizzlep: yo yo got song request yo for the rebecca black yo FRIIIIDAAAYYY!!!!

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