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21st Jul 09:07 PM Rafa: Churr Lion Rockers.. Sweet warm up! Yes, looking forward to see you on the 2nd!!

21st Jul 09:09 PM Salmon: Mr Ho! Bless.

21st Jul 09:11 PM riddim tim: hey rafa...hope you having a mean trip bro...got a spare bed for you in piha when you come out

21st Jul 09:19 PM Salmon: Another massif tune

21st Jul 09:20 PM Salmon: remind me of raggas, not sure if ya played it but for some reason the riddim reminds me of raggas

21st Jul 09:21 PM Rafa: Aye! Blessings from Queenstown... Good to know

21st Jul 09:26 PM Salmon: and again...two thumbs up whanau

21st Jul 09:37 PM blessant: long time lads! locked in sounding nice as ever! back in NZ had a wicked time in the tropics! looking fwd to the session @ bacco soon :)

21st Jul 09:41 PM Rafa: RAW!!

21st Jul 09:49 PM riddim tim: yes blessant we were wondering where you got to

21st Jul 09:59 PM Salmon: Awesome show, ka kite whanau, bless

21st Jul 10:00 PM Salmon: cheers, a bit premature hahaha

21st Jul 10:07 PM magician: churr! look forward to bacco room

21st Jul 10:08 PM riddim tim: chur magician

23rd Jul 07:17 PM jarrod: loving the set man

24th Jul 05:56 PM BUMPNUGLY: This guy: amerigo.bandcamp.com/

24th Jul 08:14 PM Te opun rode: good evening radio fans

24th Jul 08:31 PM festus: long time lover, first time listener...........green ohms for life boiiiiiiiii

24th Jul 08:37 PM Te opun rode: measure te green ohms man

24th Jul 09:33 PM old surfer: hey up chaps, that nile rodgers riff gets all over the place nice one

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