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22nd Jan 10:32 PM listener: your 128k stream has been mono (onlz left channel) for weeks now. pls fix

22nd Jan 10:41 PM Sober Simon: Thanks listener - it would be a bummer if you were deaf in your left ear! Will pass on the message to the techies.

22nd Jan 10:48 PM old surfer : diplomacy luv it, JB JB JB exceedingly good in a cold sweat.

23rd Jan 10:21 PM djskarob: reggae rewind up next...rollin till midnite ish...

23rd Jan 11:50 PM Ez Ras: Nice tunes

23rd Jan 11:56 PM Ez Ras: Alborosie if you got any bruv?

23rd Jan 11:57 PM djskarob: sure hav

23rd Jan 11:58 PM Ez Ras: Nice

24th Jan 12:00 AM Ez Ras: love dis tune

24th Jan 12:03 AM djskarob: churr Ras...Michael Rose & Alborosie

26th Jan 07:52 PM Lion rockers hi-fi: kia ora everyone just setting up be ready in 5mins big up

26th Jan 09:08 PM JahNae: Big ups brothers and sisters!

26th Jan 09:32 PM remo1: greets team

26th Jan 09:33 PM Lion rockers: big up jahnae and the one like Remo1

26th Jan 09:36 PM remo1: tune

26th Jan 09:36 PM remo1: !!

26th Jan 09:36 PM Lion rockers: gwan remo

26th Jan 10:02 PM remo1: remix?

26th Jan 10:04 PM Lion rockers: 12" release - the version you might be used to is the dubplate jungle fari runs...?

26th Jan 10:06 PM remo1: yeah must be.. funny, hadn't heard the actual release ha ha

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