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19th Feb 09:08 PM bananaman: Think your mike is playing up. Sounds overloaded at times. ok now...

19th Feb 10:11 PM Russ: Ralph is the real deal blues man . A great song writer too.

19th Feb 10:14 PM Russ: "She walks just like her daddy's got oil wells in her back yard"

19th Feb 11:31 PM Crossroads: Cheers Russ, Ralph is now a Crossroads staple.

20th Feb 10:26 PM djskarob: rewind show bak...only on kfm till midnite

22nd Feb 08:50 AM Hamilton listener: Why the FM106.9 in Hamilton is not KFM but an Indian music station? But your web page says KFM covers Hamilton at FM106.9!

22nd Feb 10:24 PM Sammath: Hey Andy n Kelly. Love you fullas Urgghhhh! from Melbourne Sam

22nd Feb 10:39 PM Sammath : That SHIP poem was DOPE. Loved the delivery too. Great show fullas.

25th Feb 06:19 PM 3040: hi

26th Feb 08:31 PM B0rg5Y: 3040

26th Feb 08:31 PM hi: B0rg5Y

26th Feb 08:31 PM 3040: hi

26th Feb 08:31 PM B0rg5Y: 3040

26th Feb 08:32 PM hi: B0rg5Y

26th Feb 10:06 PM Bubbles: COCK SUCKER

26th Feb 11:06 PM old surfer: hi simon say happy birthday to Fats Domino 87 today apologies if you already said it just got into work!!

27th Feb 09:57 AM Flonsen: Great show just now!

27th Feb 10:17 PM djskarob: Reggae on KFM...Rewind up now... Dub Terminator on his way!

3rd Mar 08:57 PM hex: hey kfm...i live in basement under your doorway on k rd. the speakers are driving me crazy being on all night. please turn them down!!! :)

3rd Mar 09:31 PM hex: i am liking the sounds more tonight, though. love tosca, k&d etc.

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