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24th Nov 09:12 PM redrobin: Tim drumming everytime !!

24th Nov 09:13 PM lion rockers: hahaha

24th Nov 09:13 PM lion rockers: have you been tuned in robins/

24th Nov 09:13 PM lion rockers: ?

24th Nov 09:15 PM redrobin: na I just finished work and tuned straight in

24th Nov 09:17 PM So: yewoooo!

24th Nov 09:18 PM redrobin: gwan pilger!

24th Nov 09:19 PM So: mean doco!

24th Nov 09:24 PM riddim tim: yeah pretty sad aye.....pretty full on examples of politicians in his interviews...

24th Nov 09:25 PM riddim tim: John Pilger Utopia if anyone interested nad doesn't know it..

24th Nov 09:28 PM So: So interesting! yeah right to the point, "well you're jst a bunch of liars right? go on we r recording it anyway"

24th Nov 09:35 PM redrobin: selection ! wicked horns dub

24th Nov 09:36 PM redrobin: look out!

24th Nov 09:48 PM So: full of niiiiceness

24th Nov 09:54 PM So: name this tune please Riddim?

24th Nov 09:55 PM Jinj: Last tune with daddy Freddy was epic!

24th Nov 09:55 PM riddim tim: rules of the dance...charlie p...khan remi

24th Nov 09:56 PM riddim tim: cheer jinj tune was war......digital dubs productions from rio de janeiro

25th Nov 10:24 PM hollywood: hollywood back in da buildin'! right on!

26th Nov 06:24 PM Moonlight Mermaid: Loving the vibes of this tune..

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